Watch with me: Vampires and Demons and Angels, Oh my!

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Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     To wrap up the Halloween anime, I want to talk about “Owari No Seraph,” which means “Seraph of the End” in English. This show is a post-apocalypse anime about vampires, humans, demons, angels, and the wars and dependencies between the four of them.

     In this work, a disease broke out that wiped out everyone above the age of 13, and the vampires offered humans protection from the virus and the monsters of the outside world the “Horsemen of John.” Over time, the humans have become unhappy with this arrangement, and wish to break free from vampire rule. 

     In comes a group of kids of the Hyakuya Orphanage, spearheaded by the main character Hyakuya Yuichiro and Hyakuya Mikaela (called Yu and Mika for short). These children decide they no longer want to be cattle for the vampires and Yu and Mika attempt to escape. They make it a fair bit, only to learn that Ferid Bathory, a vampire progenitor, was waiting for them to think they made it to confront and slaughter them. The only two survivors are Yu, who runs away and makes it to the outside world, and Mika, who sacrifices himself and is assumed dead until it is revealed that another vampire, named Krul Tepes, turned him and saved his life.

     From there, Mika joins the ranks of the vampires and becomes privy to the information that many humans have been performing twisted experiments on each other in an attempt to gain the power to defeat the vampires. One of them is Yu. But the series focuses on Yu more, who was rescued by the Moon Demon company shortly after escaping from his vampire city. They take him in, enroll him in school, and start training him to become a soldier. For a good portion of the first season, Yu does not know Mika is alive.

     I will not spoil any more of the show, but I will talk about other aspects.

     The characters are fun and there is a lot of variety within their motivations and personalities. Yu is headstrong and a bit hotheaded, but he picks up on things quickly and also works to help people. His teammates, Kimizuki, Shinoa, and Yoichi, are the other main characters of this show. Kimizuki is calm, cool, and a bit cynical, and does not get along that well with Yu. He does know how to put his attitude aside when it matters, however. Shinoa is sarcastic and extremely skilled. She is put “in charge” of Yu when he first joins the Moon Demon company. Yoichi is a shy and cowardly kid who is Yu’s first real friend. His cowardice loses to his bravery, however, and he becomes a skilled ally in combat.

     The Moon Demon company is a special task force that uses demon weapons, weapons with unique demons trapped within them, to unlock special powers and skills that help them defeat the Horsemen and vampires. 

     The soundtrack of this anime is composed by the one and only Hiroyuki Sawano. This name may mean nothing to you, but he is well-known in Japan for being a prolific and skilled composer for anime, movies, games, and some live-action shows. He is also known for the shows “Attack on Titan,” “Aldnoah Zero,” and “ Seven Deadly Sins.” If you do not want to watch the show, I recommend at least listening to Hiroyuki’s amazing works, many of which are in English or German.

     “Owari No Seraph,” has two seasons, both twelve episodes long, and has a one-episode OVA that explores a side story with some vampires. The manga of the anime is ongoing and is over 90 chapters long. The show is available to watch in English and Japanese, and is listed on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix.

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