Red Letter Day Cancelled

By Amy Powell

University of Lynchburg student at the Student Scholar Showcase. Photo retrieved from 

Student Scholar Showcase cancelled due to University of Lynchburg closure.

Red Letter Day, which includes the annual student scholar showcase, has been cancelled, due to the University’s closure amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Red Letter Day was scheduled to take place on April 8, 2020.

The Student Scholar Showcase is a time in which students present their research on projects they have been extensively working on. Subject areas include:

  • Science/ Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Professional
  • Arts
  • Service Learning
  • Internships

Research can be presented in the form of oral presentations and professional posters.

This would have been the 23rd annual Student Scholar Showcase.

Alexis Escalante, a junior at the University of Lynchburg, was set to present her PGLO project which explains “how PGLO affects bacteria with different circumstances inside each dish, [and] also to see if it would cause the bacteria to glow.”

Escalante says her project was a large portion of her final grade, but the class has been adapted to an online presentation format instead.

She still plans on putting her research to good use, despite the cancellation of the Student Scholar Showcase. “I will be helping with research as a[n] internship and hopefully present next year,” says Escalante.

Taylor Sharpe, also a junior at the University of Lynchburg, was expecting to present her research on emotional child abuse in public places.

While this is one option for her graduation requirements as a criminology major, it is also a class grade. Sharpe is more upset that her information will not be shared with others.  She said, “It is unfortunate because emotional child abuse is the most common form of child abuse but the least reported and research[ed] therefore not presenting basically contradicts the study which was to bring awareness.”

Sharpe says that in the future she will use her research in her senior capstone project which is focused around child abuse.

For more information on events cancelled on the University’s campus due to the Coronavirus, please visit the webpage dedicated to keeping members of Lynchburg’s community informed.

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