Sorority Big/Little Reveal Adapted to the CoronaVirus

Rachel Garnett ~ Guest Writer

On the 20th of March, 2020 new members of the University of Lynchburg’s Kappa Delta Sorority experienced a digital big/little reveal.

Kappa Delta Infographic about Sorority big/little reveal on the 20th of March.

Students were forced to leave campus and return home due to effects from the 21st century pandemic, the Coronavirus, challenging this sorority to adapt and use technology to their advantage.

New members of the sorority were assigned to “bigs,” who have been a member of the sorority for at least a year to help them through the initiation process.

The reveal took place over the digital video app, Zoom, in order to announce the big/little pairings.

Kailey Loewenberg, a freshman from the university, describes how she felt knowing the CoronaVirus would affect her sorority experience.

Loewenberg stated, “I know that people like me who live far away from school and our bigs have to wait a long time to see them.”

This was a problem for some of the girls who lived hours away, as they were unable to receive the traditional gifts and hand-me-downs from sorority “family” members.

Anna Wood stated, “When I try and look at the positives, I think it has made my PC stronger as a group since we all are going through something not normal.”

Adjusting has been a large part of this pandemic for everyone, and each of the new members are trying to stay positive about their sorority experience.

Ruby Grant, a sophomore from the university, is doing just that.

Grant stated, “While we couldn’t meet our bigs I still feel so lucky to have spent the time we did with them!”

To learn more about how the University is adjusting to these unforeseen consequences, check out their website:

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