The Pandemic & My Hometown: Katelyn Call

The Pandemic & My Hometown series uses photography to showcase how the coronavirus is affecting life at home for media writing students from the University of Lynchburg.

Katelyn Call 1
Overlooking the parking lot full of the cars of people out of work.

Katelyn Call 2
Quarantines are not all bad.
Katelyn Call 1
Calm in the chaos with childhood favorites getting us through the quarantine.
Katelyn Call 4
New hobbies growing from the anxiety brought on by this global pandemic.
Katelyn Call 5
A new perspective on life inside.
Katelyn Call 6
Flexible workspace to drift away from the rest of the world.
Katelyn Call 7
Piecing together my sanity during isolation.
Katelyn Call 8
Getting out exercise while quarantined. Empty hallways are full of excitement amid this disaster.
Katelyn Call 9
Charlotte keeping herself occupied while mom works. Mixed emotions about everyone being home all the time.

Photography by Katelyn Call

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