The Pandemic & My Hometown : Kara Barnes

The Pandemic & My Hometown series uses photography to showcase how the coronavirus is affecting life at home for media writing students from the University of Lynchburg.

Dining Rooms of restaurants have closed across the town and are only open via Drive-Thru.

kara 11
Post Offices remain essential and open, but customers’ usage has decreased.
Non-essential businesses, such as nail and hair salons, are shut down while food establishments remain open.
kara 9
What normally would be a busy Friday for banks, instead have been abandoned by customers.
kara 8
Empty parking lots are seen throughout the town.
Kara 6
Outdoor markets have disappeared from everyday life and are only offering carryout.
Kara 5
Grocery stores are still crowded with customers who have decided not to stay in their homes during quarantine.
Quarantine has left neighborhoods empty and residents to take daily walks down what normally would be a busy street.
Chick-fil-A restaurants have shut down dining rooms to stop the spread, but are still serving customers through Drive-Thru and carryout.
An Urgent Care shut down during the pandemic in order to protect its employees from the spread of Coronavirus.

Photography by Kara Barnes in Clarksville, MD

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