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Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     Every year in the fall, I get sick. It varies from sinus infections to respiratory infections, or even just a bad cold. However, this year, I made it through first semester without coming down with any sickness. I was so excited and thought winter would be smooth sailing. 

     For the majority of my winter break, everything was going well. I got to catch up with loved ones, I rung in 2020 at Myrtle Beach, and I was jogging in my neighborhood every few days. Then, on a normal Wednesday afternoon, a week before it was time to head back to UL, I started to not feel good. 

     That afternoon, I could not pinpoint what was wrong: I just knew I did not feel right. My temperature was only 99°F, so I did not technically have a fever, but I knew I was heading in that direction. I went to the doctor shortly after I started feeling bad, but I refused to get the flu test because I thought there was no way I had the flu.

     Two days later, my chills, fever, cough, and throat pain would not subside. I went back to the doctor (a different one) and tested positive for the flu. Although I was glad to receive a diagnosis, I did not want it to be the flu. Suddenly, my last week of break went from a time that was supposed to be fun to a miserable few days. I had to cancel plans with my friends, I was too sick to see my boyfriend, I could not go to church, I missed a birthday party, I could not babysit, and I had to cancel my dentist appointment. 

     For the first few days of having the flu, I was upset. I wanted to see my friends, I hated laying around the house so much, and I was tired of not being able to sleep at night. But, it was in those awful days of being ill that I realized I was being ungrateful. 

     The end of my break did not go like I wanted, but laying around gave me time to think about how blessed I was in 2019, and it gave me the opportunity to dream about what is to come in 2020. I also received so many nice texts and calls from people wishing me to feel better, and my mom took wonderful care of me while I was sick. Also, I have read stories about teenagers and young adults dying from complications with the flu, so I am just thankful I recovered from it. 

     This was the first time I have ever had the flu, and I hope I will never get it again, but I am glad for the opportunities of gratitude it gave me. 

     Just remember even when things seem really bad, you can still find the good in them. Happy second semester. I hope it is full of personal growth, fun, and good health! 

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