Mystic Magic: First Week Stress

Mystic Magic
Photo taken by Grace Cavanaugh

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     This semester has already started with a bang. This last weekend, I turned 21, moved back to school, had an anniversary dinner, and mentally prepared myself for classes. Whatever I could have done, it was not enough. Already, I am dealing with the stress and pressures of the beginning of the semester.

     Usually, in these times, I would turn to my friends. Friends are an excellent source of encouragement and distraction. I rely heavily on mine, especially when I am having a bad day. They listen to me vent, give me advice, and just make me feel better overall. I do the same thing for them, and everyone is happy.

      Something else that makes me feel better is reading my cards. If I have a particularly pressing issue or concern, the cards are a good way to ease my mind. For as long as I have been reading Tarot, I have never gotten a truly upsetting outcome. Of course, for my sanity, I try not to ask questions that are too important, like if I will survive the next decade or if my relationship will continue on, but they are helpful if there is something mundane that you are worrying about.

     Incense is one of the nicest smelling things, in my opinion, and sometimes you just need to burn some to help relax. I burn mine outside of my house, of course, but it is still a good time to sit outside for 30 minutes, listening to the ambience and relaxing to the sweet scent of incense. Candles and wax melts work the same way, but I always feel cleansed with the incense.

     Naps are another arguably unproductive way I deal with stress. Sometimes, to gain a new and positive perspective, you just have to close your eyes for a while. I find that if I am especially tired, a nap will lighten my mood a bit so I can clearly see how to finish everything I need to get done.

     Reading helps me to relax too. Sometimes, even if it is a required reading, the book is good enough to keep going. However, most of the times I prefer to read what I have chosen, and there are plenty of books on my shelves that I need to read. Some of my favorites that I like to go back to are The Raven Boys series by Maggie Stiefvater that keep me in Virginia but take me out of my head, and anything by Neil Gaiman because it tends to be the right mix of funny and weird.

     I hope that everyone has a great first week, and welcome back to school!

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