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The University of Lynchburg’s Women’s Soccer team huddles before the first half of play against Virginia Wesleyan University on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

     After disappointing results during their first season with the University of Lynchburg’s women’s soccer team, the first-years are excited to start of the spring semester and season off strong. The players refuse to allow the same result, a quarterfinal loss in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) Championship, to stop them from success in their next three regular seasons.

     Forward, Lindsay Grady, says, “This past year has been a time to learn from our mistakes and move forward to be stronger, better, and more of a family than ever.  I’m excited to move into the spring with a positive attitude as well as create new team chemistry.”

     Outside back and holding midfielder, Sophie Walsh, states, “I believe that with our team moving forward and going into this spring season, we are going to experience a lot of success because we all love each other.  At our practices at the end of the year, we all played so well because we were having fun, and we truly like spending time with the people we’re playing with.”

     Attacking midfielder and forward, Amanda Wigboldy, insists, “Playing soccer at Lynchburg has been an amazing experience and one I’ve learned a lot from.  The team has grown very close since our last season, and we are all excited to compete together for these next few years.”

     Goalkeeper, Jessica Cochrane, says, “Being my first season, I learned a lot about myself and teamwork.  I’m excited to get to use what I learn to help my team achieve more success than before.”

     Outside back and outside midfielder, Keri Gallagher, explains, “I came for my overnight and met the girls on the team and saw the sisterhood and the culture they represented, and I knew that this program was unlike the others I had seen. I felt in love with the culture of this team and wanted to be a part of it.  I have learned to work as hard as you possibly can until you physically cannot work anymore. We are a family and, no matter what, we look out for each other and help each other succeed on and off the field.”

     Center back, Madalyn Bochter, states, “This season, with its ups and downs, defined the grit needed by each team to play collegiate soccer at any level. Going into the next season, the team is determined to rise from our place and fight till the last second of the last game until we are forced to stop.”

     Attacking midfielder, Katie Poplardo, believed that the following quote adequately summed up the focus on this spring.  The quote is by Tim Notke and reads “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

     More information on the progress of the women’s soccer teams rise back to the top of the ODAC will be provided in the spring semester!



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