Late Night Breakfast


Emma Coffey ~ Staff Writer

     On Tuesday, Dec. 17, the Burton Dining Hall will be open from 10:00-11:30 p.m. to allow students to have a Late-Night Breakfast during exam season. Dining Services Co-Director and Chef, Michial Neal, said that Dining Services originally started this over twenty years ago and then partnered with the Student Government Association, who will be handing out prizes.

     According to Neal, students should come enjoy a break from the stress of studying. Neal said that stress is not good for the body and mind. He also said that this event can help clear the mind and help students focus. Neal said, “It is just a stress reliever.”

     Dining Services Co-Director and Operations Manager, Shaun Dearden, said that the event is a monotony breaker going through exam week. According to him, the dining hall stays open late and it is a place to study for students. Dearden said that around 600 to 700 students come to this event and they will come an hour and a half early. He said that there are lines that will go out of the door and to a lower floor of the building. Dearden said that students should come because they can, “come together to develop that sense of community.”

     Senior and Vice President of Internal Affairs in SGA, Seiya Nomura, said that the event is during finals week and it is a time of relaxation. According to him, students should attend this event because there will be free food and it is a good break from finals week. Nomura said that students can benefit because finals is a stressful week for a lot of students and this event provides students with an opportunity to get a bit of food and wind down. 

     Nomura said that some of the prizes that SGA will raffle off are Airpods, an Apple Watch, a Chromebook, and more. According to him, the library will also sponsor a prize for the raffle. 

     Nomura said that Late-Night Breakfast has been held, “every year since I’ve been here.”

     Nomura looks forward to the, “breakfast food, seeing the fun and joy on my fellow students’ faces to eat breakfast food.”

     First-year student, Emily Miller, said, “It sounds like a really cool idea and especially for exams it sounds amazing. We are all going to need some energy from caffeine or food while studying.”

     Miller said that she is looking forward to it because she will be able to decompress when studying. According to her, it sounds like a good opportunity to take a break. Miller said students can gain, “learning to take care of yourself because a lot of the time we forget to take care of ourselves.”

     Britney Chaseng, another first-year student, said it is a good idea because people can come together during exams and relieve stress. Chaseng is looking forward to the prizes that SGA will handout. She said that students should go because it is an opportunity to meet new people, have a nice time with people, and relieve stress.

     Chaseng said that students can gain, “relaxation time for themselves and others.”

     Shaun Dearden said, “Food is fun. It helps break up the stress involved in exams.” 


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