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As University of Lynchburg  students returned to campus from the Thanksgiving break, several students came back to find that their belongings missing.  Three burglaries were reported on December 1st, between 12 and 7 pm . The University has since informed students, about the break-ins at the Southside Housings.  

Director of Campus Safety and Security, Bob Driskill, alerted students of the burglaries via email. Driskill said, “these incidents are currently being investigated by Campus Safety and Security and the Lynchburg Police Department.” Though there were no signs of criminal activities occurring around campus, Driskill warned students to “lock their doors and windows.”

Campus Safety and Security will be teaming up with Lynchburg Police Department to help catch as well prevent criminal activities from occurring on campus. Informing students about protecting their personal belongings from the possibility of being stolen. “Always be mindful that theft and property crime rates significantly increase during the holiday season,” said Driskill. 

University of Lynchburg student and resident assistant, Kendrik Goldman said, “as students it is important that we protect our belongings will great value, to help prevent our stuff  from being stolen.”

This is not the first time the University has dealt with break-ins for the fall 2019 semester. University of Lynchburg junior, Mark Twomey, explained his first hand experience with having his own residence broken into. “It was crazy coming home and seeing my housemates car keys, laptop and other stuff gone,” said Twomey.  

As the semester comes to an end and students begin to prepare for the winter break, Goldman, said “make sure your valuables are locked up or take them home with you during the break and ensure that your house or dorm room is locked up before leaving for break.”


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