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Photo of the Short Pump Mall

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     The University of Lynchburg is offering a trip to Richmond on Saturday, Dec. 7, so students can do some shopping before the holiday season begins. The trip cost is five dollars for round-trip transportation. 

      Even though many students went Black Friday shopping, this trip is an opportunity to do additional shopping for gifts for family and friends. To go on the trip, students can reserve a spot by going to the Hub on the first floor of the Drysdale Student Center.


      The Hub has planned other trips like this, one that allows for students to leave campus and go shopping. This is different from the other trips that have been planned before because is this planned around the holiday season.


      Haley Thurston, a student who works at the Hub said, “I think this is a great opportunity to get off campus and just hangout with friends. Also if you did not buy everything you wanted to buy during Black Friday shopping, you can buy it now before the holiday starts. I mean who does not like shopping?” 


     Jessica Fuentes, a junior, said, “I have never been on a trip with the Hub, but I plan on going on this trip because we get to be off campus for a while but also I really like shopping and I can buy some gifts for people if I forget to do it over Thanksgiving break. It is almost like a last minute shopping trip to pick up the things I have not gotten yet.”


     Caroline Barnes, a junior, said, “ I have been thinking about going on this trip, but I am not certain yet if I am going or need to go buy more things, especially after my Black Friday shopping. On the other hand, my friends are trying to convince me because I live near this mall and my mom might actually come shop with us if we decided to go. Even if I do not go, I think it is a really nice chance for students without cars to go shopping.” 


     The Short Pump Mall in Richmond, VA has more shopping options than River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg. 


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