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Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     Even though I am more than halfway through the semester, I have been living in a summer/early fall state of mind. By this, I mean I still wear shorts to dinner (if I go to the gym afterwards) and I do not feel like carrying a coat to my classes. 

     Last weekend, I went home and contemplated bringing my Carhartt coat back to school with me, but I figured I would be fine until after Thanksgiving Break. I was wrong. I also learned it is important to check the weather when deciding what items to bring back to school.

     On the way to a morning class this week, I was not prepared for the weather. Although I was wearing a thin jacket, the wind felt like it was cutting right through me. Next thing I knew, it was sleeting. Immediately, I started thinking about the summer and how I used to walk out of my house wearing shorts and flip flops. Feelings of nostalgia suddenly came over me. 

     With the start of cold weather, it means bundling up, putting on sweatpants for dinner instead of shorts, and trying to find socks that match (I struggle with this). 

     Being a February baby myself, I have always proudly asserted that winter is my favorite season. I do love winter. I love Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and celebrating my mom’s birthday, which is a few days after mine. Furthermore, I oddly enough like when all the trees are bare and I swear sunsets are prettier in the winter; however, I will admit I do not like cold weather. 

     I guess I should clarify that I do not like cold weather, if I have to walk outside often. If it is Christmas Day and I am cozy by my fireplace, I do not mind cold weather. But, man, walking to class in it is a whole other story. If I thought it was hard to get to my 8:30 a.m. class before, it is really difficult now with the colder temperatures. 

     However, I should not complain about cold weather because I am grateful to live in a warm house, and to drive a car with heat, and to have plenty of coats (when I remember to bring them back to school). Throughout my life, when winter comes around, my parents have always provided me with a warm place to live and warm food to eat. 

     Maybe it is because the cold has come earlier than usual, but this winter, I just cannot help but think about people who are not as fortunate as I am. To think that there are people who do not get to go home to warm houses and do not have warm coats breaks my heart. 

     I know my church is currently collecting used jackets for a coat drive, and I hope to donate. I encourage you to get involved in your community as well to help those who are not as fortunate as you are this upcoming winter. 

     Stay warm, friends! 


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