New Commuter Student Center Creates A Buzz

Image of Commuter Student Center building located on the corner of Vernon Street and college drive. Taken by Alyssa Mendoza 2019

Alyssa Mendoza ~ Guest Writer

     The University of Lynchburg offers a new Commuter Student Center along with activities directed towards commuters, in an effort to make them feel just as much a part of the university’s community.

     At the University of Lynchburg, the Commuter Student Association (CSA) has been working hard to make commuter students feel involved. “Our office cares about the academic success, satisfaction, and engagement of our commuter students. We are always working and advocate for commuter students and to look for ways to increase their engagement and satisfaction with their student experience,” says, Director of Second-Year, Transfer & Transition Initiatives, Jonathan Fries.

     After a poll was sent by CSA to non-residential students last fall, a majority of the complaints dealt with the commuter lounge space and location. According to Fries, the data from the poll was taken to the head of security, the former dean of students, and the presidents council which is what led to the new commuter lounge space. 

     The new center  is located in the old Corner Cafe building on the corner of College Drive and Vernon Street. Along with new renovations, some of the amenities in the new student center include cable television, computers, free printing, refrigerator, microwave, Keurig, vending machines, study rooms, and a lounge space. 

     Junior, Sam Caifano says, “The restoration of the building was impressive and it was great to have much closer to campus. The Amenities are diverse and fantastic, and having separate study rooms will come in handy come time for exams.”

     Fries said, “I wanted it to be not just a lounge because that implies just a place to hangout. I wanted it to be a place where students can study, relax, CSA and others can have events and socialize, something that holds more than like 10 people like the old lounge did.”

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