Photo taken by Grace Cavanaugh

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

     This past weekend, despite being the first weekend around my favorite holiday, was a train wreck. While I should have been having a good time, dressing up with my friends and hanging out, instead I was stressing about everything I had to do.

      The stretch between fall break and Thanksgiving break seems to crawl on. The days pass slower, everything is colder and darker, and most students are hitting their mid-semester slump. This weekend, I hit mine particularly hard.

      I was working in the box office for the theatre production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which was definitely a highlight of my weekend. However, sitting in the office for roughly an hour and a half before and during the show can be quite tedious. I am not complaining about the job itself, and certainly I enjoyed the company and the opportunity to dress nice and get out of my house, but the entire time I kept thinking about the homework I could have been doing and stressing about essays I knew were coming up.

      To me, it feels like Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough. I am not even excited about the prospect of free food or getting to sleep in, but more so the break in homework and essays.

      College is a great time to express yourself and have fun, but around this time it does not feel that way. It is more like a giant mountain we are crawling over.

      For me, what has helped me get over this mountain between us and break, is hanging out with my friends. I carved pumpkins with my housemates and then made snacks out of the seeds. I hung out with my friend Cameron late one night and burned some incense (outside!) to try and help him get some sleep. Last Saturday, instead of continuing to stress about my homework, I went over to a friend’s house and hung out until 10:30 p.m. I saw my boyfriend a lot more than usual.

      It may not help me get through the tons and tons of papers, packets, and write-ups I have, but spending time with my friends has definitely eased the time between now and Thanksgiving break. I will still be waiting with bated breath, but at least I know they are all waiting with me, and that they are there for me when things start going downhill.

      We only have roughly 4 more weeks of classes before Thanksgiving break, so come on guys! We got this!