College Life: Seven College Budget Fall Décor Ideas

Photo by Katherine Daniel

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

Now that fall weather is coming, it is now time to decorate your dorms/apartments with fall décor. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees, the pumpkin spice lattes are out at the coffee shops, and the weather is FINALLY cooling down to bearable temperatures. I love to decorate my apartment with fall décor to get in the spirit of fall and spooky season. Now, some fall décor can be expensive, but I am going to give you some ideas that are good in the price range for college students!  We have to have that college student budget. So here are seven fall décor ideas.

  1. Fall candles. If anyone knows me, I LOVE candles. Fall scented candles are my favorite at that. You can always use candles as fall décor or to spruce up the smell of your rooms. Bath and Body works has the greatest smelling candles for the fall, so go out and get you some. I am a “candle-a-holic” because I literally have a candle in the kitchen, the main hallway, and bedroom. They are all different scents, of course. I have a pumpkin marshmallow in the main hallway, a pumpkin pecan waffle candle in the kitchen, and a caramel pumpkin swirl in the bedroom, which I have not lit yet. Just to walk in the door and smell the fall scents just gives me this happy feeling after a long, stressful day. If you cannot have candles in your room, get a wax burner and get some fall scents.
  2. Pumpkins. There are many pumpkin patches around the Lynchburg area that you can go to and take a trip. It could be fun to take a group of friends and have a little photo shoot at the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins for your dorms or apartments. Go grab you a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch or you can always go to Walmart or Kroger and get one.
  3. The dollar section for fall décor. If you are looking for something cheap, I always recommend going to Dollar Tree or going to the dollar section at Target. Target always has the cutest fall and Christmas décor, and if you are on a budget, I recommend going to this section. Usually they will have wood pieces you can decorate and paint, candles for $1.00, and cute signs. Sometimes they will also have fall pillows and banners you can hang above your door. You cannot go wrong with a banner and a cute sign above your door.
  4. Decorate your door. This is my favorite!   I am wreath girl, so I love to hang wreaths on my door. If you are looking for a sale, go to Hobby Lobby. I got my wreath there the other day on sale for $13.00 and it is so cute. You can always spruce your door up with a wreath, a banner above the door, a sign, or fall stickers.
  5. Make a candy jar. If you are like me, sometimes you have company over. Candy jars are always great to have out in your dorm room or apartment for people to grab. They work for the fall season and Christmas. I love to use mason jars, because it is something easy to put candy in and also gives my apartment more of a southern, rustic feel.
  6. Construction paper. Get back to the days of making things out of construction paper in art class in elementary school and make something. You can make a leaf wreath out of construction paper or a leaf banner with string. These are always cute and if you are looking for a cheap way to decorate for fall, this is the way to go.
  7. Fake flowers. I love to use fake flowers on my table in the kitchen to decorate, rather than getting a bouquet of $20.00 flowers. I love to use sunflowers. They have tones of red, yellow, and orange, the most essential fall colors, at Walmart and Kroger! The great thing about fake flowers is that no one is really paying that much attention to them, but when someone sees them, they instantly bring that fall feeling to the room.
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