Sarah Barnes ~ Guest Writer


University of Lynchburg swim team is focusing on building team culture as they become an official NCAA Division III athletic program next fall.

Led by director of men’s and women’s swim, Bradley Dunn, the new University of Lynchburg swim program is eager to start their first season in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference in the fall of 2019.

“I try to be all encompassing when it comes to developing a program,” said Dunn, former swimmer and coach at a variety of liberal arts colleges around the United States.

“I am hoping to be learning a lot from my incoming swimmers, and anything I can impart on them I’m very excited to do so,” said Dunn.    

Along with Dunn, the University of Lynchburg director of athletics, Jon Waters, is excited to see how swim fits into the well-established athletic department.

“I’m excited about how adding that group of student athletes will really add to our overall athletic department and looking forward to seeing how they grow and develop that culture,” said Waters.

While Lynchburg does not currently have an active varsity swim program, the university is familiar with having varsity swim team members on campus.

According to an article on Lynchburg’s athletic website, “Swimming is not a sport new to Lynchburg. The institution offered men’s swimming from 1950-71 and women’s swimming between 1964-71.”

With the reboot of the swim program, Dunn wants to highlight what the program can do differently.

Like other high achieving college teams, Lynchburg swim will focus on building swimmers’ integrity, respect, and ambition.

Dunn said that he would like to really hone in on developing a culture by having a team that is very supportive and outgoing and that is always cheering and uplifting.