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Alyssa Cannaday ~ Guest Writer

The University of Lynchburg music department will be performing a Disney themed concert titled, “The Wonderful World of Walt” on Feb. 20-22, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. in Sydnor Performance Hall.

The wind symphony, orchestra, and choir will be performing, along with soloists. This is a recurring event with changing themes each year. Past themes include aviation in film in 2018 and British movies in 2016.

Dylan Boggs, a trumpet player in the ensemble, contrasted this performance from movie concerts in the past. He said, “Previous movie concerts I thought were cool. The production we put on were always something special. However, this one being Disney is different in that most all of us grew up with these movies. They are part of us and that is why I think we can relate to it more than previous ones.”

Musical preparation began in January, although the theme had been determined in the fall in order to obtain the music and allow time for preparation. Having multiple ensembles makes the concert a large production, as well.

Thomas Cass, who currently sings in the choir and plays in the orchestra as a violist, said, “I am glad for the experience because I believe it helps me understand both the choral and orchestral sides of the concert. I am definitely taking away the amazing time of being to be able to pursue both my passion for viola and for singing.”

The movie concert has proven itself to be a popular performance- the reserved seating for Friday night is dwindling quickly and is an interesting experience for the students and community members to play more contemporary and unique music.

Colin Coviello is one of these students, as well as the concertmaster (first violin) in the ensemble. “The movie concert for me is always one of the fun concerts we do at the University,” he said, “The music is great and watching the program come together is an experience. I think that as concertmaster, I get to see a bit more of Dr. Hatcher’s thought processes and her ideas as they come, which is cool. Definitely a great part of being concertmaster is looking out into the audience at some points and watching their faces during the concert.”

There is no cost required to attend, but there are tickets to reserve seating, and can be obtained by calling the music office at (434)-544-8344.

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