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James River Yoga will be hosting its fourth annual Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga event on February 16, 2019, from 5:30- 6:00 P.M.

According to the Yoga in Lynchburg and James River Yoga LLC Facebook event, participants can “Get in touch with a partner or reconnect with a good friend through yoga! Come practice poses as a duo, share relaxation time and celebrate Valentine’s Day! Through guided practice, you will help each other stretch into poses and assist each other through hands-on adjustments and props. Snacks and beverages served afterward! Bring a loved one, friend, blind date… No experience (or flexibility) required!”

The instructor of the Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga event, Marisa Freeman, said, “Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like breathing, stretching, and moving your body with a loved one or your bestie! Yoga feels so awesome and my goal is to help others feel their best physically and emotionally! This is a great way to communicate with your partner and laugh while trying something new. This class is a chance to be thankful for the awesome people in our lives. It is also a chance to leave stress behind, melt away tension, and invite in awesome feelings of peace and happiness.”

Freeman said, “This event is a nice way for someone who enjoys yoga to share it with someone who might be a little intimidated. It’s also a great way to heighten the bond between loved ones.”

“This is a fun class!  We begin on our own yoga mats, tuning in to our breath and taking a moment to relax and recharge before turning our attention to the partner we brought along. We will do some partner breath work; seated partner stretches and then stand for some fun partner poses!  We will finish up with some super relaxing postures before making our way to the lobby for optional chocolates and adult beverages,” Freeman explained.

Freeman added, “Lynchburg is an AMAZING community and it’s fun to offer unique events here. I love meeting everyone who shows up not knowing what to expect and then seeing the smiles on their faces at the end of class when they’ve had fun doing something new! There’s a sense of confidence that comes with going into a new thing with a friend/loved one by your side.  Things become less intimidating! I’ve had people from all over our community come to Partner Yoga – husbands and wives, moms and daughters, dad and daughters, even a first date!”

According to the James River Yoga website, it is “$30 per couple until Feb. 9th, at which point it increases to $35.” The age of the event is 18 and up.

Freeman added, “College students will receive early bird pricing. Pay at the door, and show your college ID.”

For more information, please contact Marisa Freeman or go to the James River Yoga website at http://jamesriveryoga.com/.

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