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Caroline Wilkerson ~ Copy Editor

On Monday, Feb. 4  through Saturday, Feb. 9th fraternity rush week begins at the University of Lynchburg.

Chip Gardner, junior, and one of the fraternity rush coordinators said, “I would recommend rushing a fraternity for many reasons. The most important being a part of something bigger than yourself. Rushing a fraternity will open your eyes to a new world and joining a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.”

Fraternities can have many benefits to a college experience. Gardner added, “One of the best benefits of being a member of a fraternity is building your network. Getting to know alumni that were a part of your organization can help a fellow brother out finding a job out of college. Also, the connections you make with your brothers will last a lifetime.”

There are three different fraternities on campus that will be advertised during this upcoming week: Sigma Nu, Phi Mu Delta, and Phi Kappa Tau. Each of these fraternities stand for different missions and values.

According to the National Sigma Nu Fraternity website, their mission is to “enhance the experience of its members and build a sense of community in a way that generates a desire to invest time, talent and treasure in the development of both the organization and its future members which is recognized by all as a contribution to the greater good.”

The University of Lynchburg Phi Mu Delta fraternity has similar values, stating, “To provide a positive fraternity experience for today’s college man, encouraging high personal standards, morally, mentally, and spiritually, and, to help its members live the ideals of our founders: democracy, brotherhood and service.”

Gardner explained the rush week process. He said, “The rush week begins Monday with every organization having their own events, where interested guys choose what organization to go to. Throughout the week potential, new members can go to any organization they want, until Friday where each organization will have invite-only dinners where they can meet the potential new members and get to know them better. Then on Saturday, each organization hands out bids to men who fit their organizational values.”

He also included that, “Grades are the main problem with students interested in rushing. Every student interested has to have a 2.65 or higher to rush. Some students who don’t meet the required GPA will have to wait the following semester.”

Evan Gough, senior and founding member of Phi Mu Delta said, “As a founding father of Phi Mu Delta and while creating that fraternity, I was able to give men a chance to become greater than just themselves. Having a group of guys to always be there for you is priceless, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Josh Bell, also senior and member of Phi Kappa Tau, said, “Joining a fraternity might have been the best decision I made during my time here at Lynchburg. It is more than being a part of a group of friends, it is finding an unconditional support group that shares your values. Being in Phi Tau has helped me be a more confident person and has prepared me for many of the leadership roles I may encounter in my life.”