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Wicked WarehouseThe Academy Center of the Arts will be hosting its first ever Wicked Warehouse on Saturday, October 27, 2018, from 8:30 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.

Director of Communications and Marketing for The Academy Center of the Arts, Brittany Griffith, said, “This is the first year we are hosting the Wicked Warehouse event. The location of the event is the Joy & Lynch Warehouse Theatre, located in Downtown Lynchburg at 519 Commerce St. The Warehouse hosts standing room concerts similar to these as well as theatrical shows throughout the year.”

The Dundies will be performing at the event. According to Gigmasters.com, “Founded in Lynchburg (VA), The Dundies has brought its members together from all areas of the States, stretching from the Northeast all the way down to Texas. Each member embraces a wide range of influences that have helped shape their musical experience over the past decade. These influences have quickly guided The Dundies to the top cover band in the Lynchburg area. From the blues and oldies, to classic rock and today’s hits, the options are limitless. So, whether you’re looking to chill, dance, or just rock, we have you covered. Choose from one of the current set-lists (available upon request), or submit your requests prior to your event and we will take care of the rest.”

Griffith said, “We have a few staff members at the Academy that love Halloween, zombies, and all things spooky. We also saw a lack of Halloween events in town specifically for adults, and thought that the Wicked Warehouse would be a perfect event to utilize our Warehouse space and local bands in the area to celebrate the holiday. We believe that 150 – 200 people will attend the event.”

Tickets cost $10.00. Griffith added, “The Wicked Warehouse is an event that, if you love Halloween, dancing, and live music, is really a no-brainer to attend. The cost is affordable for community members of all backgrounds, and the performing band brings a range of songs from all genres to the table. We believe that the holidays can bring people together, and that this event, being especially silly with costumes and such, will bring people from all walks of life out to the Warehouse Theatre.”

According to the New in Lynchburg website, “Who said Halloween was just for kids?! At the Wicked Warehouse, you’ll party with The Dundies, or should we say the Deadies, grab a signature spooky drink with your friends, and compete for crowd favorite in our costume contest!

Additional costume Awards include: Band Choice, Best Couple/Group, and Most Original.


Tickets to this event are on sale for $10.00. Tickets include admission to the event. A Cash bar will be available on-site.


For more information or to purchase tickets, contact our Box Office at (434) 846-8499.


The Wicked Warehouse event is sponsored by: TheMIKEShow / 93.7 KHF – Lynchburg’s New Music Station WKHF and the Bank of the James.


For more information got to https://www.facebook.com/events/1101115973375988/ or to the Academy Center of the Arts website.

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