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Spooky movies

To celebrate Halloween, the Student Activities Board has created Spooky Movie Weekends for students. Each weekend of October, a popular Halloween movie will be shown at various locations on campus with free popcorn and candy.

This is the first year the Student Activities Board has done this and the idea was developed by SAB President, Lindsay Stynes and is co-coordinated by  Jen Hall.

“I love Halloween and I was extremely excited that she [Stynes] handed the idea to me. I thought it would be a great idea to move forward with,” said Hall.

Hall believes Spooky Movie Weekends is a great way for students to relax during a stressful part of the semester.  “Many people during the month of October tend to get a little stressed because schoolwork has really started to set in,” said Hall.

The first movie was played on October 5th and it was the classic Halloweentown; then, on October 19, The Conjuring was shown. The movies for the rest of the month include Hocus Pocus and Sinister.

Hall said deciding on what movies would be selected for the Spooky Movie Weekends,was a tough decision.  She further stated, “We wanted to send out a Google forum that would give students the option to pick; however, due to a limit of time, we could not do that.”

The company that U of L purchased the movie rights from ultimately helped Hall make the decision for the movie selection. “Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are their two most popular Halloween movies, and he suggested a bunch for the scary movies so I picked two that I thought people would enjoy watching,” she said.

The Student Activities Board hopes to make the Spooky Movie Weekends an annual event.

“Watching a movie can help to relax the student body, and who wouldn’t want to watch some classic Halloween movies for free?” said Hall.

In addition to the movie showings are also Passport-approved events so freshmen are able to get credit toward required Passport events if they attend.

Spooky Movie Weekends, Hocus Pocus will be held October 26 in the Ballroom beginning at 8:00 p.m. The final movie, Sinister, will be held October 31 on the Dell at 8:00 p.m.

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