The Party Crackdown

Caroline Wilkerson, Copy Editor~


University of Lynchburg campus security has increased their monitoring of on campus parties and socials.

Dean Caifano, campus security deputy director at the University of Lynchburg said, “The purpose of the University of Lynchburg Campus Security is to protect the student body.”

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimated that, “696,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 will be assaulted by another student who is drinking,” and, “97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 will report experiencing alcohol-related sex date rape.”

Caifano said, “Unfortunately, often times drinking…specifically binge drinking, leads to fights, sexual assault, and danger.”

He added,“Most rapes and assaults on campus happen after the consumption of alcohol.”

However students indicate that security is eliminating the fun elements of being in a university environment.

Toni Kingery, a junior, said, “Campus security needs to find a fine line between keeping us safe and letting us express ourselves as college students. They need to be there for us to support, rather than acting like a strict parent.”

Degenshein, sophomore, added, “Campo is trying to do their job, but they’ve got this dictator type authority that is trying to control all of campus and basically have us go to class and then go to bed. They should keep us safe like they’re paid to do, but they also need to realize that this is a college…well now a university…and there is going to be parties, there is going to be drinking and what not.”

However, some students agree with campus securitys’ approach this year. Elizabeth Gerhart, a junior, said, “I think that security is a lot more apparent this year…I think they’re (security) taking their job a lot more seriously.”

Sheila Raczynski, a freshman, said, “I feel campus security is more trying to do their job to keep students safe, rather than trying to get students in trouble.”

Caifano said, “I want students to know that we are not out to get them. Often times if we see a student drinking out of an open container all we do is ask them to ‘pour it out,’ and that is not just a ‘campus security thing,’ that is the law.”

“I want students to know that we are not out to get them in trouble…we want them to be safe. If you are walking home alone, intoxicated, I would rather you call us to give you a ride to get you home safe, rather than walking home alone and risking some other danger,”said Caifano.


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