Katherine Daniel, Editor in Chief~


Staying organized in college can be very tricky, but here are a few tips that help make it easier for you.

Tip one: You have probably heard this from many, many people, but I will say it again. You should seriously invest in a planner or use the Google calendar. A planner allows for you to write down everything you have to do. It might sound like a waste of time, but if you use it every day, it really saves you. You can keep up with all of your meetings for work, sports, and schoolwork. I probably would have forgotten some of my assignments for class if it was not for writing all of them down in my planner.

Tip two: Take time to get your hectic life together. Between schoolwork, a job, sports, and everything else that life might throw at you, it can get real messy, real quick. I would recommend picking one night out of your week where you allow yourself to take some time to just clean up everything and get ready for the following week. I usually dedicate Sundays to do more homework, clean up my apartment, and prepare for what is to come in the following weeks for school and work. I write down what days I need to study, what events I have coming up, practice times, and sometimes even time to just hang out with friends.

Tip three: Keep everything in one place. All of your professors are going to be asking for completely different things and handing you back so many papers or worksheets. The nice thing about the generation we live in is that with the modern-day technology, most colleges have an online program where you can access all of your classes, but you are still going to need an area where you can keep up with everything handheld. For example, I have notebooks labeled in my book bag that I carry to class for each of my classes.

Tip four: Buy sticky notes and place them in your reminders. Have test or exams that you are stressing about? Use sticky notes or the sticky notes app on your computer as a means of studying. Instead of throwing them away afterwards, stick them in random places around your room or on your computer desktop, if you do it digitally. It is a fun idea of how to review the days following your exam time.

Tip five: Make sure you are actually taking steps to staying organized. It is easy to get in the groove of being organized, but it can be difficult to stay that way all the time. Make sure that you are following the little tips and taking time to do what you need to keep yourself organized. It really helps your success in anything that you do knowing where everything is and being able to track your stuff.

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