Women’s Lacrosse Season So Far

Hannah Ramsey, Guest Writer~

The women’s lacrosse team faced stiff competition at the beginning of their season, but they are on track to being successful with two Old Dominion Athletic Conference wins under their belt.

Coach Bruce Reid said, “We played tougher competition this year at the beginning of the season, that starts off with non-conference games and the reason being is that we wanted a challenging, competitive schedule so it would hopefully help us as we go into conference play.”

In their first conference game against Bridgewater College, Lynchburg won 10-6. Lynchburg then played Roanoke and beat them 15-12 for their second ODAC win. This was their third consecutive win after a 16-8 victory against non-conference team Wesleyan College.

In reflecting on the team’s season so far, goalie Lauren Bodamer said, “The first part of our season really helped us get our bearings together and figure out what we need to work on as a defense and offense and just an overall team.”

Reid discussed the areas of improvement he hopes to see addressed in upcoming games, and one of the main goals that the team is striving toward this season.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.42.58 PM
Shellenberger Field. Photo by Hannah Ramsey.

He said, “In the big picture, we talk about playing for 60 minutes, and we have not hit that goal yet. There’s been some games where we’ve started off well and maybe things haven’t finished, or maybe even we didn’t start well and then we got things together, so that’s just the thought of going from one half to another, that we’re playing consistently from beginning to end.”

Overall, the women’s lacrosse team and the coaches are hopeful about their upcoming games.

Coach Reid explained, “This to me, this is the best time of the year, that all these games that we have, they’re all conference games and they’re all going to be very competitive and hopefully that’s a fun thing and we’re excited about that.”

The women’s lacrosse team has four more scheduled conference games this season.

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