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Working while in school is a difficult but gratifying experience. Lynchburg College provides many opportunities for their students to earn money while gaining skills that will have “real world” job applications.

This year, there are 13 student nominees for Student Employee of the Year. The employment ranges anywhere from dining services to financial aid to athletics. A study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce showed that more than 70 percent of college students end up working while in school.

Desmond Mosby, the student employment coordinator at LC said, “[Student Employment] allows for our students to learn on-the-job skills that are transferable outside of the college experience. The benefits of the college are that our student employees provide essential services that are key to the day-to-day activities of the many different departments in which they work.”

Currently, there are over 700 positions available through the college for employment. Of these, approximately 720 students are working through the school.

Graphic by Critograph Staff

In order to recognize students’ hard work, there is a week dedicated to Student Employee Appreciation, which occurs during the second week of April. The National Student Employee Association works in conjunction with LC to honor student employees for finding a balance between work and classes.

Mosby added, “My office is also sponsoring, as a Lynchburg Late Night, the 3rd Annual Student Employee Appreciation party to be held in the Westover Room on April 13.  We will also recognize our Student Employee of the Year nominees.”

In order to be a nominee for Student Employee of the Year, one must be an undergraduate who  is enrolled at least part-time, who has worked for at least one semester, who holds a QPA of 2.75 or higher and is nominated by one’s supervisor.

Kyle Jacksic, who was nominated by the athletic department, said “My time as a Connection Leader and Connections Program Coordinator allowed me to grow more as a person and as a leader, and has helped mold some of the best people on this campus.” He is thankful to John Waters, the athletic director, for the nomination, but also for inspiring him. “When I came to Lynchburg, I wanted to leave a lasting impact on the student body and the institution in general, and being nominated for this award shows that my goal may have just been completed.” This honor arrives just in time for his senior year and graduation.

Whether it is a student’s first time working, or they are highly experienced from pre-college jobs, being a student employee is a gratifying experience. The LC Student Employee webpage offers a plethora of information for those interested in finding available positions, what hours can be worked each week and how the experience will benefit them.

“I truly believe that our on-campus jobs provide a great deal of real-world experience. And the Office of Student Employment is looking to continue to build upon this,” Mosby added.

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