Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

These past few weeks have been extremely busy for Bob Mueller, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Last week, one of President Trump’s top consultants, Paul Manafort, was given a potential sentence of up to 305 years in prison for campaign-related crimes. Not only was Manafort subpoenaed, but the Trump Organization was called to provide evidence and/or testimony as well, putting years of sketchy activity promptly in the limelight of the national media.

So far, the president had been very vocal about his opposition toward this investigation, which should scare Americans. Instead of cooperating with the investigation, the president is attempting to use social media to shun the director of the FBI. Recently, President Trump even called the investigation a “witch hunt” against him, claiming that there was “no collusion” throughout his campaign.

Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

As an American citizen this is something that worries me (and it should worry you too), mainly because the president of our sovereign nation isn’t fully cooperating with an investigation that serves as a check on his power. The president has even hinted at the idea of firing the director of the FBI, an action for which an impeachment trial would soon follow. Senators Graham and Flak both stated on March 20, 2018, if Trump fires Mueller that impeachment would ensue. For many, including the Senate, this investigation could be the boiling point, staining the legacy of the 45th president of the United States forever.

We live in peculiar times – times in which our President has not followed the decorum of the position that he was elected to fill.