Emily Russell, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College has implemented an “On Fridays We Wear Red” campaign in order to build school spirit.

The idea of this campaign is for students, faculty and staff to show their spirit by wearing red, one of the school’s colors. Unfortunately, this idea has not been successful.

Professor Dr. Michael Robinson and students Sydney Renkenberger and Anthony McAvoy explained that the shortage in participation is not because the LC community lacks spirit, but because spirit is more than the attire you wear.

“Lynchburg has that small town feel and sometimes we get to know a little too much about one another, but we work together and that is what school spirit is all about,” Robinson said.

love sign
Lynchburg College’s LOVE sign has become an iconic symbol of the school around campus

Robinson is in his 18th year at LC. He does not always wear red on Fridays, but he has made it known that it is not because he does not have pride in the Lynchburg Hornets. “School spirit is about how we connect,” Robinson explained.

Oftentimes LC students will see McAvoy embellished in his Lynchburg Hornets attire. McAvoy is a member of LC’s sports network, LHSN, and loves all things Lynchburg.

While he himself often wears red on Fridays, he said it is “not because I make a conscious effort, it just happens.” “For me, being a Hornet is about loving my school; for me, Lynchburg is a part of who I am and that is school spirit,” McAvoy said.

Renkenberger said, “Students should have pride in Lynchburg every day, and with their own willingness.”  She also stated, “While attire does not mean school spirit, if students were provided with more free shirts they would be more willing to participate.”

LC continues the “On Fridays We Wear Red” campaign in order to promote spirit and involvement around campus.