Abby May, Guest Writer~

The Lynchburg College Health and Counseling Center has seen a high number of flu cases in the first five weeks of the 2018 spring semester.

Jamie Smith, the administrative director for health and counseling services said, “118 flu cases have been reported to the health center during the first five weeks of the semester.”

This high number of flu cases on LC’s campus is part of a national trend. Time Magazine recently published a report from the CDC indicating that this year’s flu season is as bad as the 2009 swine flu epidemic. According to Time Magazine, a government report revealed that, “one out of every 13 doctor visits were symptoms similar to the flu.” This ties the levels that were seen during 2009.

“When students first came back to campus, the number of cases was at seven. By week three the number of flu cases jumped up to 41,” said Smith.

Professor Colby Takacs teaches three different sections of a general education health promotions class. There are 64 total students enrolled and 19 of them have missed class for the flu or flu-like illnesses. Takacs said, “the absences certainly slowed teaching and learning in class. I myself had to miss class because of the flu and now students are having to make corrections on assignments within a smaller window.”

Smith said, “the health center has worked really hard to really educate the campus about staying healthy and what to do if you do get sick.”

If students exhibit flu symptoms,  they should visit the LC Health Center, which accepts both walk-ins and appointments daily in order to help students fight the flu.