Coming Soon: New Athletic Facility

Matthew Kane, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College is set to introduce a new athletic facility in place of Wake Field House as a part of the 2020 plan. The expansion of a new athletic building is part of a plan that will also see new dormitories and remodeling of science classrooms.

The new athletic building is proposed to cost between $20 million and $30 million. Wake Field House will not be torn down completely, as the foundation of Wake will most likely be used as the framework for the new athletic building.

Dr. Daniel Hedrick, professor of sports management, said, “a lot of the money will hopefully be raised and donated to pay for the athletic building.” The hope is that people will want to give to the athletic program as the building is something needed for the teams’ success.

One of the additions to the new athletic building will be a new and improved workout facility. Strength and conditioning coach Ed Smith said, “I am looking forward to a modernized upgrade as a whole and the ability to bring the athletics under one roof.”  The hope is that the new athletic facility will double the amount of weights in Wake Field House. LC and its staff have been spending lots of time and resources toward this plan. The mission statement from Vision 2020 on the LC website says, “our primary aspiration is to be nationally recognized as the leader for student engagement in the classroom, athletics and leadership.”

The new athletic facility is projected to have classrooms and enough seating available for things such as graduation. With all these new aspects, LC is hoping to have their facilities looked on as one of the best in the nation.

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