Grace Cavanaugh, Guest Writer~

This Saturday, March 17 is Big Litter Day. According to Gabriel Roberts at the Office of Community Involvement, Big Litter Day is “an event done every year at the Claytor Nature Center where volunteers pick up trash and help clean up around the area.”

Big cleanup
Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

According to Roberts, it was started by Chris Gibbons, the director of OCI, as a yearly event to “give back to the community and get more people involved outside of Lynchburg College.” This year, they had to expand the event beyond the original 20 people who volunteered on a first-come, first-serve basis due to increased interest.

Volunteers can expect to go to the park and talk to the people that work there while helping to pick up litter for a few hours. They have a chance to connect with their fellow Hornets while doing a good deed for the environment and the community. If you or a friend is interested in participating in Big Litter Day, you can contact Gabriel Roberts, or the Office of Community Involvement on the second floor of Drysdale Student Center.

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