Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

It’s horrible to say, but it’s true. Gun violence and the fight for gun control in America has been cyclical in our country. Acts of violence occur, some people speak out in favor of gun control, America divides, arguing happens, interest fades and then it repeats.

It is a horrible system that we have set up, where we get absolutely nothing accomplished and everyone ends up bitterly arguing with one another. In 2012, several celebrities took to their platform to work with to create a video in which they pleaded with America to fight for sensible gun control, claiming that “It’s not too soon, it’s too late” and that it has been “enough.” Since 2012, we have seen several deadlier mass shootings and the cycle has continued. However, this time it is different.

The recent events in Parkland, Florida have shaken the community to it’s core; however, the high school students that saw their friends brutally murdered in cold blood aren’t backing down. These young Americans are articulate, passionate and have seen firsthand what poor gun control and weak investigative measures can do to innocent citizens. Every time I see these 17 and 16-year-olds on television promoting their cause I am astounded both in the way that they carry themselves after witnessing a tragedy that no human should ever endure, and by how constant their message remains.

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To the people conspiring against these young activists, calling them “crisis actors,” you should be ashamed. These young Americans have gone through more heartache and tragedy than most of us will in our entire lives; we should be supporting and encouraging them, not attempting to tear them down with fallacies and conspiracies. I agree with them. It is time – in fact it is too late; we should have done something about it a long time ago. For the people that argue that gun control doesn’t work, there are plenty of countries across the sea that have the statistical data to prove you wrong. And no, we don’t want to take all of your guns away; that makes no sense and is nearly impossible. We just want a solution that creates common sense gun legislation that justly protects our nation’s schools, movies theatres and all other public arenas.

I urge you to join the fight and become an informed citizen. These students from Parkland are setting an example that we should all follow, and they are sending a very important message: If not now, then when? As a concerned American, I truly hope that the work of these young activists makes this time different.

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