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This past weekend, the annual fall tradition within Lynchburg College’s intramural flag football league continued in the form of the Turkey Bowl. Originally, the Turkey Bowl was held before Thanksgiving break, but as time has passed and exam schedules have changed, the games have been shuffled to the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Flag football is one of the most heavily participated-in intramural sports at LC. There are three designations for teams: men, women and co-ed. All the teams are quite competitive, but spectators have observed that the men’s teams draw more conduct-related flags from the student officials. While “smack-talk” and witty banter abound during the regular season games, the ante is often upped for the Turkey Bowl as the number of spectators, as well as participants, swells.

Students of Monstarzz Champion co-ed team. Front row (left to right): Taylor Cafro, Riley O’flynn, Molly Pittman, Kimberly Robben, Laura Arriaza. Top row (left to right): Chris Eck, Nickolus Snan, Chris Snan, Walker Allen.

Day one of the 2017 Turkey Bowl included three different game times for each of the divisions. The co-ed teams kicked off the competition with their first game being played at 9 A.M., and the subsequent games being played at 12 P.M. and 2 P.M.

Day two included several 10 A.M. game starts and elimination rounds. The brackets were displayed on the intramural flag football website.

In between games, participants and fans alike hydrated and celebrated the upcoming finals week which ultimately signals that winter break is near.

Senior nursing major, Kimberly Robben who was on the co-ed champion team, Monstarzz, said she “enjoyed having participated with this year’s team,” because many of the team members, including herself, are graduating in the spring. “This was our last Turkey Bowl as LC undergraduates, and I’m pleased we were able to win one last time together,” Robben continued.

Here’s to the impending finals week, and the holiday cheer that may or may not follow it.

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