Emily Johnson, Staff Writer~

Major change is underway within Hall Campus Center. Construction began on Nov. 17 in Memorial Ballroom, which is expected to be revamped with modern floor and ceiling features as well as audio-visual upgrades. The ballroom is also going to include a permanent stage, with an attached ramp for better accessibility.

“I’m very excited to see the finished room,” first-year Stephanie Arnold said. “I know it’s going to turn out super nice seeing as how Drysdale turned out a few years ago.”

The ballroom is used for hosting open house events, SOAR, orientation and scholarship competitions. It is also a site for the annual Dessert Meeting for Westover Honor students.

Memorial Ballroom will follow behind Drysdale Student Center and Schewel Hall in terms of new renovation and up-to-date technology. The construction began just a few weeks after the announcement that McWane will be rebuilt, and the first floor will also house the Westover Honors College in summer 2019.

“[The Ballroom] is going to look just as beautiful as the other new facilities we have on campus,” Admissions Director Sharon Walters-Bower said.