Carter Elliot, Staff Columnist~

As the nation sits and watches this debacle unfold in the Alabama Senate race one must begin to ask themselves, when is it enough?

Over time multiple accounts have come forward, and three women have publically stated that they were sexually assaulted by former Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the United States Senate in Alabama. Along with these three women, six other women have come forward stating that Moore exhibited inappropriate and unwanted behavior of a sexual nature.

Despite these allegations, men, evangelical Christians, the Republican Party and even women are still supporting Roy Moore. By this point some readers will already have begun to politicize this issue, “But the Democrats have allegations too!”  However, sexual assault is not a political issue; it is a serious problem in the United States that over 300,000 people face per year, and it is not just a one-party issue.

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Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

In recent weeks, allegations against Congressman John Conyers and Senator Al Franken have come forward. However, Franken has publicly apologized for his actions, and his apology was accepted. Congressman Conyers has also taken action by stepping down from his position as ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. Congress has also begun to plan sexual assault prevention classes for the entire legislative body.

While these actions do not make up for the crimes committed, it is a step in the right direction to begin to mend the problem. However, these rising number of allegations being presented begs the question of when it will hurt the candidacy of a political official. After recordings surfaced of President Donald Trump stating: “When you’re a star they let you do it,” and “You can do anything. … Grab them … You can do anything,” it didn’t even seem to phase his campaign.

Moore has also recently stated that these allegations are only “dirty politics” and has wholly refuted any truth to these allegations. Only time will tell if these allegations cripple Judge Moore’s campaign for Senate. But, if he wins (and even if he doesn’t) America has a question to ask itself: If severe sexual assault allegations won’t stop people from supporting politicians, what will?  

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