Heather MacNiel, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College on Nov. 3, 2017 announced the construction of a new residence hall on the grounds of McWane near Shellenberger field.

As part of its’ Vision 2020 plan, LC is on a mission to raise its profile and increase student retention rates.  The new residence hall will replace McWane Hall. Demolition is scheduled to begin  in the summer of 2018. According to LC’s webpage “[the hall plan was] adopted one year ago, Vision 2020 outlines three major goals for Lynchburg: student engagement, campus improvements, and stewardship. The upcoming residence hall project will be the first of several major facilities projects supporting those goals.”


Reconstruction view of McWane near Shellenberger field. Retrieved from Lynchburg College website.

The construction of the new residence hall is projected to take 14-months, with a move-in date of September 2019. While some students are concerned about where they will be housed during this construction period, the College has made assurances that there will still be enough housing available for all of the students who wish to reside on campus.


The dorm will be designed as a living and learning community and will house the Westover Honors College. It will also include suite-style rooms to facilitate a better student experience. The dorm will also have many community amenities, including teaching and communal spaces. “I love the idea of having a new dorm, but I’m upset that I won’t be here to see it,” said senior, Ashton Broughman.

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