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On Saturday, Oct. 21, Alpha Chi Omega will be hosting their second annual fall festival here on campus from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This event will support Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy for domestic violence awareness. The festival is open to students and staff of Lynchburg College and to the residents of Lynchburg as well. The event plans to mirror a tailgate with free games, a raffle and food available.

The local YMCA located in downtown Lynchburg partners with LC’s chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, and they played a significant role in planning last year’s fall festival. Haley Borko, the head of Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy committee, has a few goals in mind that she wishes to accomplish for this year’s festival.

“My main goal is to be able to have a good amount of money to donate to the YMCA,” said Borko. “Last year, we made about $450 and I am hoping to reach close to $800 this time around.”

Retrieved from Alpha Chi Omega’s Facebook Page

Tess DeGraffenreid, the president of Alpha Chi Omega, commented on the significant role the chapter has. “We’re only here for four years, and to have the platform that we do to help raise awareness for domestic violence is too important for us not to utilize, and why not have a good time while doing so?”

Other domestic violence awareness events hosted by Alpha Chi Omega during the month of October include tabling and the annual Candlelight Vigil. These events offer more of an informative experience, whereas the fall festival gives people a chance to actually get involved and put money toward an important cause.

The fall festival coincides with LC’s Homecoming Weekend, so there will be other activities going on as well, with many LC alumni expected to attend. The festival will be held on the Dell in front of Hopwood Hall. For more information, contact Tess DeGraffenried at

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