First-year students arrive on campus. Photo by Savannah Martin. Aug. 19, 2017.

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

The Class of 2021 arrived on Lynchburg College’s campus this week. Incoming first years and their families flooded campus with new faces as first years began checking in at Schewel Hall. Parents and siblings waited on the first floor as their student(s) performed the first of many independent tasks: check-in.

Some students, like first-year criminology major Kortney Leazer, are apprehensive about separating from their close-knit family units, but college can be a time of growth, change and new opportunities, and Leazer says she is excited to “grow as a person,” in her new environment.

First-year nursing major Keely Williamson said that LC faculty, staff and students have been “really welcoming and personable.” She also shared her concerns about communal bathrooms, but she remains optimistic that the first years will survive each other as well as their classes.

First-year students arrive on campus. Photo by Savannah Martin. Aug. 19, 2017.

Many students are already getting involved with campus activities. First-year Nick Degennaro said he “can’t wait for lacrosse season,” to start. Lindsey North, a first-year environmental science major, is excited to start classes, get out to the Claytor Nature Study Center and find ways to turn her interests into a career.

There are many first-year programs, services and resources to help ease any residual fears about being away at college. For information on the new and upcoming programs at Lynchburg College, you can visit the First-Year Programs webpage.

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