Illustration by Genevieve Griffin.

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

In recent weeks, the world watched as Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in all of Texas.

Houston was arguably hit the hardest by the horrific hurricane, leaving numerous people injured, homeless, devastated, and some dead. Recovery from such a blow is almost unimaginable but not unachievable.

Although it will still take Houston a very long time, and certainly much dedication, to fully recover, that process was sped up by Houston’s own J.J. Watt. For those who have not heard of Watt, he’s the star defensive-end for the Houston Texans and is coming up on his seventh season in the NFL.

help texas
Illustration by Genevieve Griffin.

J.J. Watt made his name in the NFL, and for everybody lining up on the other side of the ball as him, he is one of the biggest threats on the field. He’s a living nightmare for quarterbacks and opposing teams, but these past couple of weeks, Watt emerged as the hero his city needs.

Watt began a relief organization for the people in Houston who were left in the shambles of Hurricane Harvey’s destructive path. According to USA Today, Watt’s organization raised $30 million since emerging on the scene. After this contribution, many believe that Watt has taken on the role of single-handedly building Houston back up from the ashes, and clearly, they have a pretty good argument.

Watt’s initial goal of $200,000 has remarkably been shattered and is continuing to exceed way beyond measures. Everywhere across the United States, people have made contributions to the charity, and it’s all because J.J. Watt decided to take the initiative.

The organization is still running, of course, and who knows what the final amount in donations Watt and the city of Houston will receive? I think the best thing to do is bring out the record books.

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