Hoping to Field an NCAA Tournament Bid

 By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo retrieved from https://www.lynchburgsports.com/sports/fh/2021-22/releases/20211030vxb7ms on Nov. 7, 2021. Jackie Lerro scores a goal while facing off against Bridgewater goalkeeper and player in the quarterfinals.

The University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey team lost to nationally ranked Washington and Lee in the ODAC championship game, but the team can still qualify for the NCAA tournament; however, but not with an automatic bid. 

The team enjoyed a successful tournament by beating Bridgewater 3-0 through Jackie Lerro’s hat trick in the quarterfinals and avenging their regular season loss to Shenandoah by beating Shenandoah 3-1 in the semifinals.

Despite the team experiencing a successful regular season and conference postseason, some impressive streaks were snapped this year. 

In the regular season, the loss to Washington and Lee snapped Lynchburg’s 32 game conference winning streak. 


Nerd Factor: Replace, Recast, or Reboot

By Dr. Mike ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

The Definitive Story of How Marvel Studios Created the Marvel Cinematic  Universe | Marvel

Time is an illusion, comic book time doubly so. In the stories of Marvel Universe, events flow at a strange pace in relation to our own world. For example, when I was starting my comics fandom, Spider-Man was about twice my age. In a few years, I will be twice his current age. That’s not a huge problem for comics. Oh, dedicated fans will spend a lot of time trying to figure out how all of those events fit into Spidey’s or some other character’s fictional life, but these superheroes are images on paper. They age at a rate their creators impose. The live-action Marvel stories face a greater challenge.

Since its official debut in 2008’s Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has more or less paralleled our own times. Narratives may get a little ahead of now or behind now, but except for some deliberate flashbacks, they mostly take place now. That’s an important choice because the actors playing the roles are going through real time.

This is not an argument about aging. If the functionally immortal characters like the new Eternals really catch on for a few decades, there may be some CGI tricks or narrative changes needed to preserve that idea. Some characters like Rocket and Groot or the Hulk do not have to age at all. Human actors may age as gracefully as they like. 


Thorn in the Paw

By Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Depression and Drug Addiction - Victory Addiction Recovery Center

Drug addiction is a disease that affects many Americans to this day. As of 2020, 11.9% of Americans 12 and older use illegal drugs. However, the most difficult part about information like this is that among these people, very few receive the help they need.

In my personal experience with someone close to me who was affected by this disease, it was a very difficult thing to overcome this issue alone. Not only did they suffer from drug addiction, but they also had another battle involving their mental health. 

This was a difficult thing to overcome, and it was not always easy to help them. There would be days where they would be angry and aggressive, and some days they would hardly leave the house. However, through it all they were able to come out on top and have a life beyond this one label.


Field Hockey defeats Bridgewater, advances in ODAC Tournament

Lynchburg defeated the Eagles 3-0 to advance to the ODAC tournament semifinals, where they will face Shenandoah.

By Samuel Graham ~ Guest Writer

Graduate student Jackie Lerro carries the ball. Lerro ranks third in the ODAC in goals.
Photo credit: Erin Farina/Lynchburgsports.com

Lynchburg advanced to the second of three rounds in the ODAC Tournament Tuesday as they defeated Bridgewater on Shellenberger Field.

As the third-seed in the tournament, Lynchburg will travel to Winchester, Virginia to play second-seed Shenandoah in the semifinals.


Matthew Gillett Named 2021-22 Sommerville Scholar

By Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor

2021-22 Sommerville Scholar Matthew Gillett ’22 (second from left) is pictured with Sommerville finalists (left to right) Rebecca Parks ’22, Rachel Garnett ’22, and
Niraly Patel ’22. Not pictured, Mallory Yowell ’22. Photo retrieved from lynchburg.edu/news on Nov. 2 2021.

Every year a prestigious award, the Sommerville Scholar Award, is given to one senior who has exemplified the University of Lynchburg’s ideals in their four years at the University, chosen by a committee of faculty members: Jeanne Booth, Lindsay Pieper, Christine Terry, and Paul McClure.

This award’s namesake is named after Richard Clark Sommerville who was a professor of a variety of different disciplines at the university for 20 years. 


The Adult and Career Center is looking for Volunteers

By Chelsea Edwards ~ Guest Writer 

Agency Logo
ACE Logo Image from: https://unitedwaycv.galaxydigital.com/agency/detail/?agency_id=81161

 The Adult and Career Center of Central Virginia (ACE) is looking for volunteers for their GED program.

ACE is a growing non-profit organization which provides free adult education classes in the region, specializing in English classes, reading and Math skills, college and career readiness courses, workforce preparation activities, integrated education training, in addition to test prep courses for the GED, NEDP, and VPT through one-on-one interaction and support. 

Luke Saechao, the regional program manager, said, “We’re all about moving people forward, whether it’s to improve basic literacy, learn English, get a high school equivalency, or prep for post-secondary education/training such as the community college or an industry-recognized certification program, to job placement. We want to help the adults that come through our programs to set and achieve their academic and career goals.”


Brown Edward’s Office Visit for Accounting Majors

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Dr. Francis H. Bush is chair of the University of Lynchburg’s Accounting Department and was in charge of organizing the Brown Edward’s Office Visit. Photo retrieved from H. Francis Bush, PhD, CPA – University of Lynchburg on Oct. 31, 2021. 

The University of Lynchburg’s Accounting Department scheduled an office visit with Brown Edwards to give its students a chance to see accounting concepts occurring in action. 

Madeline Corbett, a double major in business and accounting, talked about the benefits of students attending this visit, stating, “Before the Brown Edwards’ visit, I mainly looked at accounting mostly through books, but this gave me an opportunity to view accounting happening in the real world.” 

Kevin Arrington, an associate professor of accounting at the University of Lynchburg, said, “Brown Edwards (BE) is one of the largest regional accounting firms in the Lynchburg area, and a visit to BE offers students the opportunity to see the workplace and, most importantly, ask questions to the staff accountants and managers/partners. Public accounting is a desirable first job for accounting graduates, and conversations at site visits can lead to internship and/or employment opportunities.”


Center for Global Education Announces Potential Trip for Summer 2022

By Alla Daniel ~ Guest Writer


For summer 2022 the University of Lynchburg will be offering international study abroad trips for the first time in two years due to COVID-19. 

Iceland will be one of the many trips that the University is offering to students.

Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Dr. Marek Payerhin said, “Every student in just about every major is likely to find something of interest there.”

Payerhin continued, “If you are the adventurous type, we will be traveling all around the Island, literally, with many stops along the way but that’s the plan for now.”

 Payerhin will be the lead faculty member taking students to Iceland. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn about climate change on the environment, society, and politics of Iceland.

Director of the Center for Global Education, Declan Pratt said, “Hopefully we can do it, and hopefully we can make it affordable.” 


Fielding a Winning Season 

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Jackie Lerro scores goal in loss against Shenandoah University. Photo retrieved from Shenandoah tops field hockey in final regular-season game – Lynchburg (lynchburgsports.com) on Oct. 31, 2021. 

The University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey Team has successfully fielded a winning team, both overall and in ODAC (Old Dominion Athletic Conference) play, despite having one of the nation’s most rigorous schedules. 

Head Coach Enza Steele believed that the team’s fierce schedule prepared them for ODAC play and will prepare them for the ODAC tournament.  stating, “We have lost a few to top teams and that is to be expected when you have the 5th strongest schedule in the country.  Playing such strong teams has really tested our defense.”

Steele continues to believe that the team’s “biggest ODAC rivals will be Washington and Lee and Shenandoah University.” 

In the regular season, Steele’s team lost to both Shenandoah University and Washington and Lee, so Steele and her players will have to beat these ODAC rivals on the road. 

Despite having to beat two fierce rivals on the road, Steele shared some keys to the University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey Team keeping its ODAC championship streak alive and successfully defending its title, stating, “We need to continue playing strong defense and score more than our opponents. Keeping possession is vital. We can not win another ODAC championship unless we play with intensity every single game.” 


Lynchburg Cross Country Sweeps Washington and Lee University in ODAC 

By Hailey Bayne ~ Guest Writer

Retrieved from https://www.lynchburgsports.com/sports/xc/2021-22/releases/20211030mbhkld on Nov. 2, 2021. Men’s Cross Country captures ODAC title for the University of Lynchburg Hornets. 

University of Lynchburg men’s and women’s cross country teams dominated the ODAC championship on Saturday at Washington and Lee. This was the first conference title since 2012 for the men’s team and 2009 for the women’s. 

Despite weather challenges due to heavy rain in the days prior to the meet both teams accumulated just 48 points. The Hornets women displayed 26 points to the Generals with 33 and the men with 22 points compared to the Generals with 23.

Max Sparks, the previous winner of the 2019 men’s ODAC race, also placed first this year finishing with a time of 26:28.3. He finished just 0.8 seconds ahead of teammate Frank Csorba who took second place. 

Sparks was enthusiastic about his second career championship, stating, “It’s a great feeling, it’s something that doesn’t happen a lot so I’m just happy that I was given the opportunity to be a champion, but also it just shows that it’s taken a lot of work to get there, and there’s still a lot more I still want to give to the team.” 


Swim’s ODAC Opener

By Chris Jennings ~ Assistant Copy Editor

Claire Galloway. Photo Courtesy of Lynchburg Athletics/Erin Farina

This past weekend the Lynchburg swim team rode over the mountain to take on the Washington and Lee Generals in a dual meet. 

This was the first action the Hornets have had since Oct. 9, when they were in Lexington competing at ODAC Relays where both the mens and womens team captured a third place finish. 

This time however it was a one on one matchup in the pool against the Generals the first time that the two teams have met in a regular season dual meet.

The Generals won on the mens and womens side this past weekend but not without a tough fight from the Hornets. 

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