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We looked at Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa and Jera last week and saw the eventual turning of the runes from dark to positive. 

Of the final four in Hagal’s Aett, there is one with a mysterious meaning but the rest have lighter meanings.

The last four are Eihwaz, Pertho, Algiz, and Sowelo.

Eihwaz is equivalent to a spiritual connection with trees. Its main focus is on wisdom, growth, patience and overall spirituality in a person. Eihwaz assures you of your own righteousness and self worth. When walking along a spiritual path that this rune leads you on, you must recall your patience and compassion. There are times it can show you future losses, but it will also reassure you that you will move on and find yourself once again.


Pertho is equivalent to secrets. It is known as the secret rune that is associated with the cycle of birth and death and mysteries. Pertho is associated with more serious matters that tend to be beyond our control, like prophetic dreams or visions. In a reading, if Pertho is first out, you need to wait and redo your reading later. If it appears later, it will be easier to find answers to any questions you had, but remember to careful what you ask.


Algiz is equivalent to protection and making new friends. The Valkyries of old used this rune so they could communicate with humans and gods to help them to Valhalla. Algiz allows for a connection to all kinds of animals and encourages you to trust your instincts. Many people use this rune for healing and protection, as it can shield you from harm. There are times you may even notice a presence of some kind watching over you, a guardian angel or valkyrie perhaps?


Sowelo is equivalent to the sun and clear vision. It expresses luck, growth and life itself. Sowelo is associated with so many things, success, enlightenment, promises and so much more that there is no limit. This rune is known for helping its users be in perfect form for whatever they attempt. You will find confidence in your abilities, and you will be in full control of your life. If you see Sowelo, you will have a good year.


With that, we have covered all of Hagal’s Aett. This grouping holds runes of different meanings but all that exist for a specific reason. Manifest what you would like, but also keep an eye out for these runes. We look to Tyr’s Aett next, so feel free to look ahead or wait for the next part.


Runes, Your Personal Guide

By: Jan Budkowski

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