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As Marvel continues to release the newest era of X-Men comics, fans have been presented with many revelations as well as more mysteries. These mysteries and revelations are ordered from smallest to largest concern.

5. Ms. Marvel’s Mutant Abilities

At this year’s Hellfire Gala, it was discovered that Kamala Khan, better known as Ms. Marvel, was not only inhuman, but also a mutant. 

Kamala Khan debuted in 2014 as the all new Ms. Marvel. After going through what is known as the terrigen mist, she manifested as an inhuman with the ability to stretch, shrink and even shapeshift. 

After this, she began her crime fighting career and was a part of many superhero teams, such as the Avengers and the Champions. 

After her death in Spider-Man #26, she was revived on Krakoa, being revealed as a mutant. 

Once the disaster at the Hellfire Gala had resulted in mutants going into hiding, Kamala joined the X-Men to fight on behalf of her new found kin. 

While she still had the abilities of her inhuman half, she has not yet manifested her mutant abilities, which may have to do with the recurring dreams she has been shown having in her new book. 

4. What’s Going on With Jean Grey?

Before her death at this year’s Hellfire Gala, Jean Grey was announced to be receiving her own book.

While many speculated that the story for this run would be Jean Grey returning to the Phoenix Force, none were prepared for her death at the Hellfire Gala.

Jean Grey is an Omega Level mutant, both telepathic and telekinetic, and was one of the founding members of the X-Men.

Throughout her life, Jean Grey has struggled with being the avatar of the Phoenix Force, a being of life and death capable of destroying planets.

Jean Grey has freed herself of the force on numerous occasions, albeit almost as many times as she has died.

While she is no stranger to death and rebirth, this death is much different from the others. The current book walks readers through several “what ifs” as Jean Grey stops in different points of her life and tries to discover where she went wrong.

Each time she has changed the outcome, she sees what events would have taken place instead and moves on. 

While we cannot see exactly where the story is going, readers can be sure that this will not be the last of the iconic X-Man.

3. Who is the Ghost Following Nightcrawler?

After Nightcrawler left Krakoa in self imposed exile, he returned to New York as a brand new Spider-Man.

However, during the new comic, Uncanny Spider-Man, we see the new wall crawler has another voice in his head. 

Nightcrawler has been through a lot in his adventures recently, with his Legion of X having faced many mystical enemies.

One of which was Nightcrawler’s adopted mother, Muti, who placed a spell on him to turn him into a monster.

Muti also took his faith and forged it into a mystical weapon, the Hope Sword, which Nightcrawler now uses as Spider-Man.

While he has made himself known in New York, he continues to be plagued by a small ghost that looks an awful lot like Nightcrawler himself.

While there is not much more information on the ghost, the sudden appearance of it could be related to Nightcrawler’s sudden interactions with mystic forces.

2. Where is Apocalypse?

Last seen in Heirs of Apocalypse, the ancient mutant had attempted to talk his wife, Genesis, out of attacking the mutant planet of Arakko.

Having revealed his new name as Revelation, we see the mutant warrior walking off to an unknown destination.

Genesis has since made her way to Arakko, and in doing so, has initiated a civil war.

Leading the brotherhood, Storm and her mutants have been fighting relentlessly against Genesis and the mutants swayed by her Annihilation staff.

In preview covers for X-Men Red, we do see that Apocalypse joins the fight against his wife, yet we still do not know what has taken him so long to do so.

1. Where did all of the mutants go?

During the events of the Hellfire Gala, we see that Professor X forces all mutants through gates with his telepathic powers. 

Many mutants ended up in Arakko, just as the civil war started, others were able to resist, yet thousands of mutants were displaced.

During Immortal X-Men #14, we find Exodus, Hope and Destiny, along with thousands of other mutants in a desert that has no time or place. 

Destiny is unable to see into the future here, and the only thing that keeps the mutants going is Exodus’ faith that there will be salvation.

While the mutants in this desert found Mother Righteous, who presented them with the Atlantic Krakoa island, there is still the question of where the mutants actually are, and if they are safe.

While the Fall of X is still running, many questions remain, and the answers still seem far out of reach.
The mysteries continue this Wednesday, with Immortal X-Men #16 and X-Men #27.

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