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Last week we finished Freya’s Aett, this week we begin looking into Hagal’s Aett .

Not much is known about Hagal, other than his being the god of weather, or how he may be the same as Heimdall, Norse watchman of the gods.

Hagal’s Aett looks at the more destructive areas of life, the challenges that people face and how once they face them there may be a celebration.

The runes begin by showing darker meanings, but eventually lighten up. The first four runes to discuss are Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa and Jera. 

Hagalaz is equivalent to problems or limitations. It has connections to Hel, the goddess who ruled Helheim (realm of the Dishonored Dead) and Hagal’s destructive weather. Hagalaz reminds us of how we are not fully in control of our world. It is used when there is some sort of concern with your life, whether it is a loss, or a simple event you lose out on, so we need to be aware when we see this rune.


Nauthiz is equivalent to the drive of survival. It is the need or desire to improve your life. It can be fine in moderation but when someone becomes greedy, you can lose yourself. Under challenging circumstances, you can manifest this rune to help you persevere and work your way through it. When using this rune, make sure to be positive towards yourself and build good karma.


Isa is equivalent to coldness, and unyielding matters. People also relate it to reality, concentration and self-control. This rune is associated with Verdandi, the Norn of the present who is associated with iron will. To manifest Isa is to be patient but also feel like you are at a standstill. What you need to remember is that it only pauses your life, with patience you will face it with confidence and move on with better preparations.


Jera is equivalent to growth and harvest. The winter solstice is associated with this rune as even though it is cool, the sun begins to warm the world. Complete cycles are characterized with this rune. Jera is associated with the land, and if you work with land or gardening, you can gain success with this rune. Creative endeavors will also see success, even if it is slow growth. With manifesting this rune, you will find success from growth somewhere in your life.


With that, we have discussed the first four runes of Hagal’s Aett. All of which can be used to manifest positive things but can be used poorly if done incorrectly. Feel free to do more research on your own, or you can wait for the next part.


Runes, Your Personal Guide

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