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500 Brevard St. White House behind Schewel Hall with a Spiritual Life sign. Taken by Adriana Barbour.

At the University of Lynchburg’s Spiritual Life Center, there are 14 spiritual groups available for students to join, from a meditation group to communities around LGBTQIA+ and spirituality. 

Reverend Nathan Albert serves as the Center’s tenth chaplain with Jer Bryant, the Center’s first interfaith chaplain since 2019. 

Albert explains that the purpose of a chaplain is to guide students on their spiritual paths, college life experiences and other obstacles they may face this upcoming year. 

Bryant adds that all students are welcome to join the center even if they are not religious, saying, “I am deeply committed to ensuring that everyone has a seat at the spiritual table.”

This center is a safe space for students to express themselves and learn more about their religions.

Albert emphasizes on the fact that, “We don’t convert, we are not here to condemn or change your religion.” 

The center’s purpose is to give students an opportunity to learn from one another while also practicing their own spiritual beliefs.

The Spiritual Center website states, “On Sundays during the academic year, we host Church of the Covenant worship service at 11 a.m. and Roman Catholic Mass at 4:30 p.m., both in Snidow Chapel.”

There is also a newsletter that is sent out every week titled “The Chaplain’s Corner.” Bryant explains that it, “contains information on upcoming religious or spiritual holidays and/or events. It also contains information on celebrations and deaths related to our beloved community.”

Bryant is especially passionate about making sure that LGBTQIA+ students feel welcome within the Center. 

“I know from experience that so often LGBTQIA+ people are excluded from religious and spiritual spaces. I have determinedly worked to create a space that honors the divine presence within all people,” says Bryant. 

Albert wishes to help people value all religions or spiritual paths in order to find the beauty in religious diversity.
More information on location of the building and staff contacts can be found here.

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