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During ancient times, people used runes, composed of Nordic and Germanic letters, as their alphabet before Latin became the standard writing system.

Nowadays, runes are used as ways to convey mystic and magical energies. People will either create words from the runes that are connected in meanings or use the individual rune for its own properties. 

The runic alphabet Futhark is separated into three sections called aetts, which means “a set of eight.” 

The first aett is under the goddess Freya, who is linked to beginnings and fertility and shows the origins of legendary worlds. All of the runes in this aett are linked with spring and summer, as well as a fresh and new feeling. 

The first four runes to discuss are Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, and Ansuz.

Fehu is equivalent to the first living entity Audhumla, the cow, who emerged from the primordial fire and ice at the dawn of history. 

Seeing as it is affiliated with Audhumla, it has a connection with wealth and financial matters. In the past, the amount of cattle one had showed signs of wealth. It is a rune that allows success to come your way, if you put in the effort, whether it is money or even just passing an exam. 


Uruz is equivalent to the wild bull, the partner of Audhumla, and can be linked with the Norse god Thor for his strength. 

Uruz has a connection with rebellion against strict means, or protecting family. Its main meaning is strength, whether it is physical energy or a position of some kind. 

When dealing with this rune, one must realize it can be unpredictable like change, but if you focus on it with courage, you can embrace it. 


Thurisaz is equivalent to not only Thor but also the Thursur giants who were known for great strength and protection.

It is similar to Uruz, but where Uruz focuses mainly on strength, Thurisaz focuses on protection. It has the meaning of protection and luck, but with it, you also need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. It is a powerful rune that can help you avoid impulses and walk away from situations you need to leave behind.


Ansuz is equivalent to knowledge  and the gods in general, specifically Odin who brought knowledge to humanity. Hugin and Munin, Odin’s ravens, are linked as well due to communication, as they were messengers. Ansuz is a rune focusing on communication, education and awareness. It is a rune that allows you to focus on gaining knowledge, whether it be advice from someone, or something you learn on your own. 


Each rune discussed in this can be used to better yourself. Whether it be through strength, financial prowess or knowledge. But there are still many more to discuss. Find out more in later articles, or by doing research on the alphabet. 


Runes, Your Personal Guide

By: Jan Budkowski

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