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As students at the University of Lynchburg settle in for the 2023-2024 school year, club sports activities are swinging into gear.

Club sports are designed to let students continue to still pursue sports recreationally without the commitment of varsity sports. 

Communication and teamwork are crucial skills students learn while competing.

Eneah Garnett, who is a member of club volleyball states,“Last year there was a lot of drama… maybe a lot of drama again [this year]. … At the end of the day, we need to step up as a team. I feel like we can do that.”

As with all sports it is important to be able to put aside your differences and work as a team to win. 

Many people like to play a club sport since they are born naturally competitive and want to take the challenge of competing against other people or beating their previous record. 

“We definitely have fun. Some of the schools we play are super competitive, some of them are not as much. I feel like it’s a good balance,” says Vanessa Bartell, who plays on the club soccer team.

She explains that she likes the balance of competition between the schools.

Robbie Paul (RK) explains the most important thing about club cheer is trusting people.

“You have to put your trust in people, we do stunts. I’m a flier so I’m the one in the air. When new people come in, it’s hard to adapt to a new stunting group and trust the people to not let you fall,” says Paul. 

She explains that cheer takes a tedious amount of trust in each other, they have developed a strong bond and love to hang out together. 

Club Cheer has been restructuring since Ben Smith, the previous club sports manager stepped down. 

The team is currently still looking for new members 

The college has not found a replacement manager as yet, and some of these club sports teams have suffered the consequences. 

The team captains had to make their own game schedule and get in contact with those that are in charge of transportation to the games. 
For more information about club sports, visit, https://www.lynchburgclubsports.c

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