Written by Adriana Barbour ~ Staff Writer

Photo of the Dell near the Elliott & Rosel Schewel Hall, taken by Alison Morrison.

First year commuters at the University of Lynchburg feel that their needs are being met through special events and welcoming spaces.

Hornet days, a series of events focusing on student life and involvement, helped give commuters the chance to get to know campus. 

“They help me navigate and find my way through campus,” says Rylee Hall.

Hall expresses her favorite part about the campus is the Dell. “It’s a beautiful environment, and is a great place to catch up on work when the weather is nice,” she says. 

The university also provides a Commuter Student Center in order to make the commuter students’ life easier, because students can use it as a safe space to study and relax. 

Lucas De Los Reyes especially enjoys the center saying, “It makes the commuter students feel more included.”

The commuter building can be a great resource for students like Hall who have over an hour in between classes some days. 

“It’s a nice environment and helps me get my work done,” says Hall. 

First year commuter student Micheal Tock came to the university to study theater and has instantly been drawn to the people on campus, saying that he feels like he has already found a new family.

First year commuters at the university seem to feel included, comfortable and are enjoying their college experience so far.

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