By Taylor Porter~Assistant Editor

(Photo From Critograph Photo Archive)

Fraternities and sororities at the University of Lynchburg welcomed students back to campus with a barbecue at Westover Residence Hall. 

The event was hosted to highlight the merits of Greek Life for students interested in rushing this academic year.

Students from across the campus community interested in participating in Greek Life joined the festivities. 

First year student, William Rice, who is interested in two of the fraternities, said, “I always had an interest. At other schools I went to they didn’t offer Greek Life.”

While, junior Josiah Randles said, “I’ve been very involved with Sigma Nu’s events, and have been very interested in their brotherhood.”

One of the organizers of the event,  senior Madison Bakalov and member of Kappa Delta said, “I never got to experience [the barbecue] but I always looked forward to a big Greek Life event that takes place in the fall… I wanted everyone to be welcomed back.” 

Bakalov encourages students to get involved in Greek Life at Lynchburg. She said, “Try it out. It does not hurt to try. It’s an opportunity you will never forget, there are so many people regardless of what you’re interested in. People who want to go out for Greek Life but are scared, try something new, it’s not scary. We’re more scared than you are. It never hurts to try something new.”

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