The AAAG Provides Support to Students of Color 

Written by Aniya Seward ~ Guest Writer

Students at ROUNDTABLE talk.

The African American Affinity Group (AAAG) at the University of Lynchburg has launched BIPOC round table talks to provide a platform for students of color to engage with faculty and staff. 

BIPOC round table talks are not just for black students on campus. “It’s for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, indigenous,  international and the LGBTQ+ students,” said Vice President of Inclusive Excellence Dr. Robert Canida II.

These monthly  round table discussions give students a safe place to air their concerns.

Senior Christian Otero, a regular member of these talks said “I love the roundtable talks and wish that we had something like this my first couple of years here on campus.” 

The round table talks give students a chance to use their voice and express their grievances.

“These talks are necessary because we experience things from other students on campus that is important to talk about,” said Otero. 

“Students have more power than they realize,” said Canida. “It is up to the students to come forward and talk about things.”

Without someone to talk to, students are more than likely to keep certain things to themselves. The BIPOC round table talks give students the opportunity to let go of what is bothering them and give advice and comfort to other students that attend. 

The African American Affinity Group provides an organized support system that fosters a collegial campus environment and culture of unity, equality, respect and mutual support among African American students, faculty and staff. 

For more information contact 


Vice president for excellence: Dr.Robert L Candia II 

Contact information: 

Phone: 434-544-8540


Black student association president:  Senior Christian Otero 

Contact information:


Interview recordings 

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