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In celebration of Earth Week, L.E.S.S. (Lynchburg Environmental Sustainability Society) hosted a movie night with the promise of free cookies and ice cream. However, some students were let down by a lack of transparency. 

The club hosted a week full of events in celebration of Earth Week, including an Earth Day lunch and Sandusky stream clean up. 

One event that got mixed reviews was a movie on the Dell that promised free Rookies, a local ice cream sandwich shop. 

The movie was shown on Thursday night and featured Don’t Look Up, a movie featuring Leonardio Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence that tells the story of a world that does not listen to its scientists and meets the demise of climate change. 

Sarah Mccollum, member of L.E.S.S., says, “We wanted an outdoor movie that represented an environmental message. It’s not too nerdy, and it’s a movie for everyone to enjoy.”

Although a free ice cream sandwich was advertised by the club, they had a limited supply of 25-30 sandwiches, resulting in some students being turned away from the event. Some students thought there should have been a message stating ‘first come, first serve’ to let students know there was a limited supply. 

Senior Jackie Villanueva Arevalo says,“It’s great towards the end, especially for seniors. This kind of thing is a good reason to get together and spend the last few weeks having fun.”

International student Lara Karass loves visiting Rookies, so she was excited for the movie night. “This is my dream evening,” says Karass. 

With the exception of limited ice cream sandwiches, students like Villanueva Arevalo and Karass in attendance seemed to have a good time at the event. 

In order to keep up to date on future events, follow the club @lessuofl. 

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