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The movie Renfield, starring Nicholas Hoult, Awkwafina and Nicholas Cage, recently released and has moviegoers raving.

The horror movie is a direct sequel to the 1931 Dracula film, and follows a lawyer to the Dracula estate as he becomes the henchman to the notorious vampire lord, with a comedic twist.

While the story itself was somewhat lackluster, what made it really shine was the relationship between Dracula and Renfield. 

The odd couple was characterized as a codependent relationship, with Renfield being verbally and physically abused by the iconic villain.

Attending several group sessions to find victims, Renfield instead begins to learn how to get out of this relationship with Dracula. Even after getting his own apartment, Renfield continues to struggle to overcome the abuse from Dracula. 

Aside from the positive development for our unlikely hero, the movie is constantly full of jokes and moments that were definitely not scripted. The theater was erupting in laughter with almost every scene.

The special effects were also amazing. Throughout the movie we see Dracula at different stages of a healing process, and we watch him regrow his skin in the most grotesque way. 

As well, throughout most of the movie we witness several people get their limbs ripped off, and at one point those limbs are used to impale others. While you could tell it was obviously very fake, it was the kind of fake that one would find in a classic vampire movie. 

Overall, the movie was an incredibly fun adventure full of comedy and action with a story that makes you love each of the characters.

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